Weight off my Chest

Ask, and you shall receive.

It was just a few weeks (ok, days) ago that I was lamenting my craziness, my over-committed self with three thousand things to do and a whole boatload of stress sitting squarely between my shoulder blades. I retire to bed, weary, exhausted, and yet I have to jot down five or six things each evening that I can’t forget to do the following day.

“Schedule the dog walker to come twice on Friday.”
“Call the Saab dealership.”
“Buy a wedding present.”
“Get the laundry out of the washer.”

As much as I’d like it to, my mind doesn’t turn off at the end of the evening; it just doesn’t have time.

To add to that, I had a house to sell, a new house to buy, a puppy to train, eyes to be lasiked…should I continue? Finishing each day a sane person was a challenge in itself.

And then, the universe answered.

The current house? Rented. For 18-months, no less.
The new house? I’m closing two weeks from today.
I’ve scheduled the changeover in all utilities, gotten all of my information to the mortgage lender, and hired the movers. Things are FINALLY coming along!
(I even bought a new dining room table.)

As for Lila Belle, she had a very productive meeting with the dog trainer, who suggested that Lila thinks that SHE is the boss. (Funny, I thought that I was!) As a result, we’re doing “homework” that includes me closing her jaw and growling (I kid you not) while I say “No Bite.” Then, when she pries the jaws of death off of my finger/hand/arm/leg/foot/ankle/insert body part here, she recieves “Good Girl, No Bite”. Thankfully, the ratio of “No Bite” to “Good Girl, No Bite” is starting to weigh in the favor of the latter. If I had only known back in 10th grade math that the only fractions I would be doing would include calculating my dog’s good behaviour, I would have skipped class a lot more.

But yes, things are hectic. I’m still not getting the sleep I need, but – to quote my friend after my Tar Heels beat silly Illini – this is the best week ever. I agree. After all, I’ll soon be calling THIS home.

5 thoughts on “Weight off my Chest

  1. Congrats on the House! Any others similar in that area? My wife and I are looking and she would LOVE a house like that! By the way, I am Phil Surgala’s friend. He and his wife had a baby boy in December. Thought you’d like to know.

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