Life is all about pace. Go too fast – you’ll miss some of the magic. Too slow? Eventually, your attention will turn elsewhere. But somewhere in the middle, you’ll find your groove – your pace – where things proceed smoothly.

There’s something to be said for slow & steady – the whole colloquialism about winning the race under that pace has validity, but to me it’s the steadiness that provides the winning edge. Whether it’s work, relationships, even a pilates class, maintaining that steady balance will, at least in my mind, lead to the best outcome.

Though that’s not to say this epiphany has come easily to me – quite the contrary. I’m impetuous to a fault, an all-or-nothing kind of gal who gets excited by the possibilities in life, taking them on full speed. My realtor & mortgage broker recently shared a laugh about this, telling me that they’d never met someone who, once she knows what she wants, barrels full steam ahead with such vigor, refusing to take no for an answer. In many respects, they’re right – at least for the most part.

And yet it’s been through this very type of living, the 2-second decisions, the “act now, consequences later” behaviour that people have said often draw them to me that has caused me to take pause when it means something. When it’s something of worth, stepping back and making sure you’re remembering to breathe is imperative. Because while we know that slow & steady may win the race, we also can’t forget that good things come to those who wait.

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