So Glad You’re Here

Aaah, Summer.

Yes, I know you’re not technically here yet, but trust me, I’m ready. In anticipation of your arrival, I have already unpacked all of my bathing suits (even if I still haven’t unearthed the majority of the “true” necessities.) Perhaps it’s the weather and the fact that I haven’t driven my car with the top UP in over a week. Or it might be the distinctive smells that announce your impending arrival that I’ve rediscovered on my new pre-work run with the pup. Or maybe it’s because the true joys of the summer – namely, the beginning of the Aubrey Cookout Series – is beginning this week. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to see you.

The evolution of the Aubrey Cookout Series spans back to years past when I got a grill as an Easter present from my Dad. (‘Who gets Easter presents?’, you ask. UM, that would be me. But I digress.) Anyhoo, a lazy Sunday by the pool also warranted some grilled chicken and burgers on the barbie. A boring Saturday night without plans? Come on by. You bring the food, I’ve got the beer, and – voila! A tradition was formed.

And so we continue this tradition this weekend, with the weather hopefully beckoning friends near and – well, if Buckhead is far, then far – to Casa de Sabala for some fun, friends, and festivities, I can’t help but think that you might be getting ready to arrive. And since your arrival includes two beach weekends (Hello, Destin! Hello, Wrightsville Beach! Hello, feet in the sand, sun on my back, tan lines and more!) and a trip to the Phoenician as well as 12 days in Hawaii, if this is the unofficial beginning, then I just have one thing to say:

Welcome, Summer. I’m glad you’re right around the corner.

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