California Dreaming (on such a Summer’s Day)

I didn’t think this day would come. Not that it’s a bad day, mind you, I just thought – given who I am, given my current predilections – that this day was never imminent.

Oh, but we surprise ourselves daily.

It’s not that I thought I was too good for it; on the contrary. It’s more a matter of preference, of druthers.

And yet, as often happens as we turn older, our tastes change. Three years ago I wasn’t ready for it; two months ago, probably not either. But now? Timing combined with situational constructs means what once was passe now is fabulous. What once was undesired is now much adored.

It doesn’t help that I am who I am, that lists often beckon my life, that I’ve already put more forethought into my Labor Day plans than many have about their upcoming weekend. I usually pontificate, over-analyze, trying to make sure that what I want is really, really what I want. Perhaps due to my unfocused nature of late, perhaps for other reasons, but this time, I didn’t go the normal route, didn’t look and search and compare and stress…for once, as uncharacteristic as it is, I just went with it.

So yes, for this birthday, I didn’t make a list. I didn’t even have in the back of my mind what I wanted (a good thing, since I officially celebrate the 7th anniversary of my legal drinking age birthday in less than 48 hours – read: Turn 28 on June 8th) but instead, fell upon something that I wanted and voila! There was my perfect birthday present.

But really, who would have EVER thought that I would have chosen California Closets over clothes?

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