Pre-Birthday Analysis

366 days ago, I was a different person.

I was also a YOUNGER person, but that’s besides the point.

It’s been a year since I’ve conducted my annual birthday analysis, trying to see where I’ve come and what I’ve left behind. My 27th year has definitely been full of ups and downs (hopefully more ups than downs) and through it all, I’ve lived and learned.

Cliche? Oh yes. But so true.

In the last 366 days, I’ve bought a new house, gotten a new puppy, fallen in something-like-love, fallen out of something-like-love, broken up with someone, been broken up with (via email, no less), laughed my head off, cried my heart out, been challenged, challenged others, made some mistakes and learned from them.

I’ve hurt and been hurt.
I’ve loved and been loved.

I’ve made the wrong choices, I’ve acted stupidly, I’ve done everything wrong. And sometimes, by chance or by choice, I’ve done it all right.

I can’t say I’ve loved every day of my 27th year, but I can say I’ve learned from them all. Even today. Even right now. Even in the midst of pain and hurt and tears and wondering when the hell is it going to stop, when is it going to just make sense? I’ve not yet figured it out, but I know I’m somewhere today that I couldn’t have been was it not for the last 366 days.

And so I welcome this next chapter of my life, my 28th year here on earth. I doubt it’ll be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

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