Bon Voyage, Me


If I were one of those people who could contain their excitement, I would definitely do so here. But really, we all know I’m not, nor ever will be, one of those folks. Instead, you’re stuck with the gal who does all she can NOT to write in all caps when she gets excited, tries to contain her gushing and raving and ebullience to a minimum when really, she’s just elated. Basically, I’m trying to contain myself, and I just can’t. So I apologize in advance for the following.

I’M GOING TO HAWAII!!! TODAY!! (Ok, I’m en route to Hawaii starting today, with a stop in Cleveland and Phoenix, but the travel officially begins today.) BUT YAY! HAWAII! WAHOO!

(See? Not really containing myself here…)

What really sent me over the edge to pure elation is the fact that my date for the wedding (thus the reason for the trip) is getting his cute Australian ass on a plane and MEETING ME IN MAUI! (I mean, really – how movie-script-esque!) So not only will I be in paradise, I’ll be in paradise with the best thing that Australia has created in, well, ever, and yes, I’m even putting him in comparison to the wine.

So I apologize if I don’t get to post very much, but know I’ll be living it up, getting fuel for the proverbial fire, and will write up a storm when I come back. Just don’t blame me if my eyes remain a bit starry…

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