Lazy Days no More

I thought July was going to be my *calm* month where I leisurely descended upon my life in a nice, quiet fashion, catching up with friends and returning to the state in a state of relaxation.

Oh, hell was I wrong.

Since I’ve been back, it’s been one thing after another after another after your mother another. I’m all-too used to being busy and in a state of mini-chaos, but I hadn’t expected it; instead, I saw the month ahead as a blank slate; August to follow only had one(!!) trip! Wahoo! And now, nary a night goes by where I’m not driving or flying or en route or returning from or trying to figure out where the day went while I try to coerce my puppy to stop biting me for the 38977th time. Alas, month of leisure is actually month of burning the candle at both ends.

So in lieu of anything cute & witty & fun, I’ll leave you with the entire batch (all 400+ of ’em) of Hawaii photos. If you need me, I’ll be the one with her head in the oven.