I’m back!


Nearly two weeks w/my site down, you’d be surprised how much I’ve been having the website DT’s, which surprised me since my writing as of late has been somewhat uninspired. And yet, through my travels and all the changes and fabulous things that are happening, I’ve found myself to need this outlet more than I had expected, if only to post my thoughts for myself. So, after custom DNS-ing and updating and getting over the fact that I lost at least a few weeks of my posts (as uninspired as they may have been), with a sigh of relief, I’m back, and somewhat better than ever.

Pics, and posts, and ruminations, and jubilee, all to follow. Thanks for your patience – I’m glad YOU’RE back, too.

One thought on “Hallelujah!

  1. Glad that you are back online! I thought we lost you there for a second.
    Am a little confused with all that is going on in Sabala land. Cali. UK. then Cali? what gives? are you no longer a resident of Atlanta?

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