If only I could CTRL-X him as well

Gmail, my email of choice (as it should be for all of you), orders your contacts by how often you email them. So, if you find yourself emailing your Mom or sister or best friend a lot, voila! They’re added to the list of "Recent Contacts" so you don’t have to stray very far to send them an email. You know you’re in touch with someone quite a bit if you find them added to that list; the system does it automatically. It’s long been my secret way to see if I’m in lust or like or love – well, if I had ever been in love, I suppose I’d use this method just the same. Surely if I find myself sending many, many emails to a certain someone, I’ve had them on my mind, have been "talking" with them regularly, so alas, something is there. And yet this feature, which I find to be delightful in its simplicity, does have its shortcomings; how does someone get removed after it’s over?

Alas, when I look at my recent comments, remnants of relationships past maintain; i.e, right there at the top is my ex’s email address, my ex who I have NO desire to contact whatsoever, NO desire to continue to see when I head to my contacts. It’s reality giving you a nice slap in the face, reminding you that it’s over even though you’ve moved on and moved past and are even heading towards the "no hard feelings" sort of mindset (though you’re not there yet.) This little reminder of relationships past has been irking me for some time, so much that I was about to send a ticket to the Gmail engineers asking how I could remove aforementioned asshole (see? Not REALLY yet there for the ‘no hard feelings’) when it occurred to me – delete his address!


Now if only I could delete the memories as well.

2 thoughts on “If only I could CTRL-X him as well

  1. Wow, that IS magic. I totally vote for the brain to have a CTRL-X key as well.
    When my bfriend and I broke up I had to face all those saved text messages and I had to delete them ONE by ONE. Yuck.

  2. It’s funny that you mention that. I was sending out a mass email sending the link to my wedding pictures and the person who was on the top of that list was my ex. Honestly, I haven’t emailed the man in 6 months, but just due to the sheer volume of emails we exchanged he still sits at number one. I feel your pain. 🙂

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