Takin’ the girl outta the country…

If you’re a pet owner, you think you know everything you can about your dog/cat/ferret/bizarre little iguana? You do, don’t you? Yeah, I did too. Until I got to spend many, many hours with my darling Lila Belle, who has learned to exhibit a few traits that aren’t so darling (and quite a few others that are, so I’ll call it even.)

Yes, one week (or three, depending on how you count it) into my four/six week jaunt across the world, and I’ve learned a thing or two about my puppy. In Atlanta, she wasn’t allowed on the bed (and CERTAINLY not allowed to sleep in it, given the feline menagerie’s predilection for doing so.) Out here, she’s an only child puppy, so she’s been granted the golden right to the bed (if only b/c I feel too guilty making her sleep in the too-small travel crate we have out here) so I’ve seen first-hand (first-paw?) how this little darling prefers to sprawl out, spread eagle, right on top of the pillows. And my legs. And my arms. And my chest. Anywhere she can, basically. Would be quite amusing if it wasn’t so encumbering.

I’ve also gotten to learn about city living. At home, we have a lovely fenced-in back yard, complete with dirt! And grass! And branches! And weeds! Here, in the city, Lila Belle is faced with doing her, uh, do, on concrete, the only choice being whether or not it’s dirty concrete or dirtier concrete. And though I don’t blame her, Miss Lila hasn’t taken kindly to a) doing her business IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE, EGADS! and b) doing it on concrete. Which, as you can see, poses a problem. You can take the gal out of the country, but not the country out of the gal, apparently.

But, all in all, it’s been good so far. We’ve moved from the hotel into a temporary apartment, and while it doesn’t have grass, it DOES have mulch, and Lila has seemed to find this an acceptable replacement for her beloved yard. There’s a Safeway shopping center across the street (much to my post-Safeway.com ordering self; the delivery man thought I was losing my mind…in my defense, I hadn’t realized the actual STORE was 100 yards away. My bad.) and not one, not two, but THREE Starbucks right around the corner. (I propose I alternate to equalize their daily profits…can’t have one getting all my $3/day.) Work is busy as usual, but challenging in that way where you’ve ended the day and know you’ve actually done a lot. (I hear the word for that is fulfilling, but it’s such a new experience to me, I’m still coming to terms with it.) So, at least for today, all is right in the land of Aubrey. And that, my friends, is a good feeling.

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