Renter’s Ruminations

Moving to a new city is always stressful…will your old furniture fit into your new place? Will you have to redecorate? Can you find a good deal? And – often, most importantly – will you get it all done in time?

Managing to plan a cross-country move from nearly 3000 miles away, while in the midst of work chaos, isn’t exactly easy. I’ve got 1/2 of the menagerie here with me,  one of which is currently eating the empty Ikea boxes, a practice I’m allowing in hopes that it will tire her out enough to grant me more than 2 hours of sleep. (I only *WISH* I was exaggerating here, but really, someone this tired doesn’t talk in hyperbole; we can’t even remember what that means.) I’ve got a few suitcases of clothes, some bath products, and an Aerobed graciously borrowed from my darling friend (and newest partner in crime), Jen  – in essence, it’s frighteningly easy to see how little you actually need. As such, I don’t feel too bad about downsizing (read: selling everything I own.) Change is good, purging is cathartic. (This is my new new mantra.)

And so, as I’m sitting on the ground, typing on my new Powerbook while Miss Lila chews on a used swiffer duster (again, if this will allow me to get THREE hours of sleep, it’s worth it!), you can imagine my excitement about my new couch. I found it on Craigslist, otherwise known as my newest retail saviour, a steal at only $450. FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY US DOLLARS, for a like-new sectional that was purchased just a year or so ago for over $3000. (Yes, that *IS* THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.) I’ve been bragging all day – Look at my deal! Aren’t I lucky!? I even arranged to have a mover help me get it the five blocks into my apartment, and here it sits:


My house is really light, really airy – that’s why I loved it, all three rooms plus a bathroom and a closet. Quite a change from my three-bedroom craftsman in Atlanta, but this Edwardian building has its charm. I mean, really – look at the light! Look at the floors! Look at my darling hallway!


Now look at my darling hallway, heretofore known as "Narrow Pathway to Hell", with the second part of my sectional firmly stuck in the middle of it, missing a leg and leaving me with a front door without any handles.
Anyone know a good locksmith? Or sedative-prescribing shrink? I’m in dire need of both.

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