(Slightly) Settled

"Left my Home in Georgia,
Headed for the ‘Frisco Bay…"

One of the best things about my new place here in San Francisco is my
mailbox. No longer do I have to trudge to the street to get my mail;
oh, no. It’s right outside my door, literally two (maybe three, if
you’re pushing it!) steps from my front door, all shiny and faux gold
embossed with the word "Carbo" (the previous occupant of Apt. #1,
apparently) scratched out, soon to be replaced by my own. My trusty key
allows me an immediate glimpse on how much I’m proverbially ‘loved’,
though up until (hopefully) now my only admirers or meager
acquaintances go by the names of "Comcast" or "SBC" and their
correspondence, needless to say, is less than anticipated. Instead of
lamenting my poor fortune, I thought I’d instead look on the bright
side; after all, I hadn’t yet sent out my new address.

So, without further ado, I have formally bid adieu to Atlanta (leaving
it literally behind last week as I carted 1/2 the menagerie in the
backseat and took off for the open road, inspired by my purchase of the
windscreen for the Saab-alamobile) and have taken up residence on the
West Coast; specifically, San Francisco. Though the apartment is what
I’ll kindly refer to as "cozy", let this serve as your official
invitation to come visit ANY time…I’d love to have guests! In the
meantime, however, inundate me with communication so I don’t feel so
"on the other side of the world"-ish as I have been.

And for those of you who are still feeling charitable, am now reaching
the land o’ desperation in terms of my darling house – it’s for rent
($1800/mth) or sale ($335,000) – I’ll consider a lease/purchase as well
– here’s the webpage with all the info…please pass it along if you
haven’t done so already and you’ll receive my eternal gratitude (and
heck, a cash prize!) if you refer me to the person who buys or rents
it. I’m not above a bribe.

(GO HERE! CLICK HERE! LOOK HERE! RENT/BUY HERE! And yes, subtle I am not.)

Until next time, I suppose I’ll just be

"…Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay, Wastin’ Time."

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