In Place of a (Few) Thousand Words

These days, it seems like everyone is busy, busy, busy. My darling friend HJ, in between Halloween Costume-making and Hearns-party-planning, is swamped yet still posts; same goes for giddily happy sweet Sarah Brown.  And as for me, well, we know I’m drowning in the weight of boxes that need to be unpacked that contain stuff that won’t fit in my house as well as a sick puppy (who, thanks for all who asked, seems to be back to her normal belligerent self, if this picture is any evidence)
but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found time to enjoy the city.

In fact, I’m enjoying it quite well, especially as Halloween approaches. So, while my brain still swims in the aftermath that was too many vodka sodas from last evening, enjoy a pictorial view of my life as of late.

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