Aubrey Says…

In leaving Atlanta, I not only bid adieu to my friends, my gorgeous house (Rent Me! Buy Me! Let SOMETHING happen so Aubrey isn’t always this broke!) and some of my favorite restaurants ever, but I also said farewell to something I had long become accustomed to having: my own column. Yes, leaving my freelance work at The Sunday Paper was such a bummer…not only did I have the BEST editor around, but I had a venue to write about shopping, fashion and the like on a regular (weekly!) basis – AND get paid for it to boot.  Yep, second only to my stint as a restaurant reviewer, this gig rocked.

But now, here in San Francisco, while I *am* doing a little bit of writing for Citysearch, I find myself sans articles (save for this forum) and am bursting (not just with fruit flavors, but also) with tidbits and details that I feel I should share! Alas, it would be selfish of me to withhold this valuable information – after all, you *should* know what makes your eyeshadow stay on indefinitely! You *should* know my thoughts on the cute little J.Crew tie flask they have this year. And of course, you REALLY should know about this brand of "body oil" that, um, let’s just say it does the trick. Yep, these are time-tested (by me, of course) tricks o’ the trade that you, my friends, should know about.

So, without further ado, I provide you with:, your one-stop-shop for any & all of my recommendations. It’s still under construction (the URL will soon work; right now, a mere redirect) so stay tuned, but in the meantime, check out the Ultimate Holiday Wish List and come back soon, ya hear?

One thought on “Aubrey Says…

  1. Aubrey says, eh??? And you refer to me and Newman as narcissistic.
    And seriously…those are long intro’s for each item. Kealan was much more user-friendly with his list (
    Take notes from the ‘lil guy.

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