…and to all a good night

For those of you who haven’t yet gotten my Christmas card, I promise, it’s in the mail. That is, if you’re one of my friends AND I have your address AND you responded to me asking for your address AND you didn’t dump me via email nor did you dump me because you like men. Because if you were one of the dumpers, well, I wouldn’t be running to the mailbox anytime soon, though thank you for making me more and more like Carrie Bradshaw each day. (Post it, my ass…email is MUCH better.) But yes, for those of you who I happily place on my "nice" list (and the few of you who I very much enjoy keeping on my "naughty" one, if you get my drift), yes, keep an eye out. The proverbial check is in the mail (and by ‘check’, I *do* mean this picture of Lila.)


However if you’re still waiting, or find yourself on the aforementioned "F-You" list, then you can enjoy other people’s cards instead. See? Even though I wish you coal in your stocking and STD-burning in your undies, you can’t say I’m not generous in my article linking.

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