‘Tis the Season

uuI’ve been using Typepad to manage this site for over two years, and I find myself with very little complaints. Their customer service is fantastic, their answers aren’t canned responses but actual solutions to my problems, and the folks at Six Apart are great in keeping the features fresh and functional. I’m a happy user, to say the least. I had used Movable Type on a standalone for a while since my old company was kind enough to let me keep my site hosted there (read: FREE!) years after I’d moved to another job, but a server went kaput and, thankful that I had backed up most of my files, I again returned to Typepad. I had forgotten, though, how fabulous their photo albums are.

Yes, I love me some Flickr (Note to Google: If you don’t get Picasa to work on a Mac or allow for album sharing, you’re gonna lose the market entirely to our friends down the road) but I have to admit there’s something about keeping the aubreysabala.com URL intact for my pics that appeals to the not-so-secret not-so-inner nerd in me. And so in this season of perpetual down time (it’s a miracle, really, but I’m not complaining) I found some time on my hands yesterday to update my photo albums, publish them all (going back years now!) and keep them all fresh and updated in one place. HALLELUJAH! And so it is with joy that I look back and reminisce on the good times – remember the coconut bra incident? And Memorial Days of years past? And Aruba? And, oh my dear Lord, I had just about forgotten the Ghetto Fab Birthday Party. Um, apparently I was braver at age 25.

Regardless, amuse yourself. Take a look around and feel free to laugh at my expense – it’s the season of giving, and this holiday I’m giving myself up for endless ridicule.

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