You make my days longer, my mornings earlier, my evenings later.
You cost me a TON of money.
You frustrate me hourly, leave me a seemingly anal homeowner, cleaning obsessively.
My shoes? Gone. That cookbook? Didn’t need it. I almost drew the line at the destruction of the $150 Chi straightening iron yesterday, but thanks to Ed Sabala and his predilection for household tools (including wire strippers and electrical tape) we’re still on speaking terms.
You, my dear, are a huge pain in my ass.

And yet every day, I adore you a little more, am delighted by your personality that continues to humor and surprise me. True, my life would be a lot simpler without you here, and yet the thought of that is too much to bear. You, my darling puppy, have brought me more joy in this past year than I could ever have imagined, have taught me about unabashed affection and unconditional love. Thank you, Miss Lila Belle, and Happy First Birthday.


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