Holiday du Jour Matin

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I know that you know this – you can’t walk ten feet down the street without being visually accosted by cupids, arrows, and pink and red cheezy doo-dads – the reason, however, that I’m bringing it up is to address my relative silence on the matter thus far. (Relative since in all other years, by February 13th I’ve delighted you with some overly-romanticized or overly-cynical diatribe on the day.) But not this year – what’s my deal? Am I hostile about spening another Hallmark-promoted holiday as a single gal? Or could it be that I have a hot, smoldering new romance that I’m not only keeping under wraps but is also keeping me from spending time posting on the site, a welcomed distraction that’s keeping me busy in more meaningful ways?

Wouldn’t you love to know.

Regardless, lips are sealed and at least from the Internet’s vantage point, not much to say on the topic this year. However, if you’re in Chicago today or tomorrow and want to know the scoop (or want to grab a quick drink!) drop me a line. Otherwise, Happy February 13th.

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