California Here I Go, Top Down and the Radio

Until today, my site referred to a little-known song by Jonathan Balas entitled "California, Here I Go." I first heard this song and was struck by how similar it was to my recent move…the lyrics seemed so appropriate as I drove my convertible from Atlanta to California last October, and like the song, was "leaving it all behind."

I also must point out that I heard the song on Laguna Beach.

See? My 28-year-old maturity makes me not even remotely afraid to admit how cheezy this makes me.

But after a few months, and while the title of the website is still appropriate, it’s time to change. To what, I’m not yet sure…I could make a reference to Australia (where I am currently), to my long-running diatribe on relationships, boyfriends and the like, or I could keep it cheeky.

Until then, though, like me, it’s a work in progress.

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