…and another thing

I’m off to SXSW on Friday with the lovely, the amazing, the captivating HelenJane*

We’ll be cavorting with some of our (your!) faves: the Veens and the Shellens and the Newmans and the Armstrongs…alas, if only the Browns could come, life would be JUST about perfect. I mean, really – when else do we get to enjoy the company of the best?

(SB, we’ll miss you, and apologize in advance for the drunk dials you’re about to receive!)

Let us know if you’ll be there too – we’ll buy you a drink!**

Pictures, as always, to follow.

* only one of my all time favorite people on the FACE OF THIS EARTH.
** (and eavesdrop on some drunk bastard until we get his last name so we can add it to his tab.)

One thought on “…and another thing

  1. Is it appropriate for to me call you a “bitch” for going to this? Probably not.
    But I am going to, and you can just chalk it up to good ole’ fashioned jealousy.
    I’m jealous Aubs is going to SXSW. Satisfied?

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