I’m sitting here in the hotel, enjoying some wine in my OWN PERSONAL BOX (more on that later), with Helen Jane and Josh Newman and really, who’s jealous of me?

You are. I know it. I mean, who WOULDN’T be jealous of getting to hear Newman say "Crossing the Chasm" and ruminate on the over-25 usage of MySpace?

I’m heading to a film premiere tomorrow, to Flickr parties tonight, and am wearing a Lloyd Dobler t-shirt right now. All that, and we’ve been tagged "Google Babes."

Truly, I could die happy now.

One thought on “SXSW-ing

  1. are you just aubrey @ your domain? I’m assuming, but how funny is it we haven’t emailed yet!? haha!
    so the submarines i was telling you about (i think i was telling you … blurry memories :p …) they ARE coming to SF! here’s the sonic living poster:

    reply to me so i have your email address. mmmoooiiii xoxo

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