Tres – count ’em – Three.

There’s something about having a crush that makes it all better, all worth it, all – well – all encompassing. I go back and forth between loving the fact that I’m single (I get to kiss cute boys! Whenever I want to! And don’t have to feel guilty – wahoo!) and lamenting it (though that’s just usually when I need a dog-sitter or on stupid holidays.) And yet there’s nothing worse than WANTING to have a crush when you just don’t have anyone you’re crushing on.

And then, voila! Out of the blue pops someone who surprises you, and – yes, repeat it with me girls – it’s when you weren’t looking. I know, it’s as trite as can be, and yet that initial discovery period just makes everything else vanish.

Learning their favorite song. Their favorite food. Anticipating a date, a phone call, an email.

Imagine what it’s like when you have THREE. (And it’s any wonder I’ve gotten no work done today.)

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