Irrelevant Search or Quiet Genius? You Decide.

As of late, I’ve been really interested in why women are so competitive with each other. We should be banding together! Showing solidarity! Bucking the testosterone! (Or something like that, exclamation points included) instead of fighting against each other. Of course, in every society, every situation – and not just only amongst women – there’s an inherent struggle for power. I get that. Regardless (and this really isn’t where this post is going, I promise you; I’ll save all that schmack for later), I was looking to buy a book on Amazon that talked about women and rivalry. And, while I applaud Amazon for their company and their amazing capacity to find me a book that yes, I *DO* want to buy, I’d have to say that they should stay out of the search relevancy basis and keep it where it lives, ahem, at my lovely company. Because the screen shot below is the result I found.


Then again, if women really ARE so competitive, I suppose getting a pair of "Push Up Nipple Pals Breast Enhancers" wouldn’t be that bad of an idea at all!

3 thoughts on “Irrelevant Search or Quiet Genius? You Decide.

  1. I was just thinking about this THIS week. So, I’ve decided to beat the system. I WILL befriend these girls. Damnit. Besies, Dr. Phil said that in a competetion; by someone making herself the winner … she is making someone else the loser. That man … so smart.
    And, of course, I love your header!

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