Bloggin’ (elsewhere)

Since I came to California, I gave myself six months to get settled. Of course, during that time I found myself in something like twelve states and three countries, three residences and the menagerie still numbers four. Really, how that is even close to being ‘settled’ or something even remotely similar is beyond me.

Regardless, I found that I had been burning the candle at both ends for some time in Atlanta, and was ‘allowing’ myself to take it easy, at least for a while. Which I did (aforementioned events notwithstanding). Still, in the past few weeks I had started to get a bit antsy…I realized I had missed my writing. Besides this blog (and the pathetic still-nearly-postless sidekick, I haven’t been doing nearly ANY freelancing, and besides the money, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed it.

Well, my friends, I’m back. (I know you were worried.) I’ve hooked up (I use that term very differently here than I normally do!) with an old pal from Atlanta who has done gangbusters with her business, SocialDiva, to provide the eyes and ears (and scathing opinions) for San Francisco. Yes, that’s right, I’m exercising my unleashed power of delight and complaint, suggestion and deterrant, "must go" vs. "stay away" suggestions that y’all know you’ve missed.

Intrigued? Dying to hear my opinion? Head on over to the Social Diva Blog to see what I’ve got to say. (Not in San Francisco? There’s posts in NYC, Atlanta, LA & Miami as well.) In the meantime, I’ll be out and about checkin’ out new places to love/hate/be indifferent about.

Yeah right. As if I was ever indifferent about ANYTHING in my life.

One thought on “Bloggin’ (elsewhere)

  1. Woman, I just want to say CONGRATS on this new writing venture! I can’t wait to read your rants & raves on this city that I love. Also, as I said, let me know if you ever need any recommendations. As a 10 year veteran now, I have plenty under my hat! xoxo

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