For the last five years, I’ve been spending my Memorial Days doing the same thing: enjoying the sun and surf at Wrightsville Beach, NC. (For those of you who don’t know where it is, it’s the beach town of Wilmington where, interestingly enough, they filmed Dawson’s Creek. So, in essence, I spend my Memorial Days at Dawson’s Creek.)

Anyhoo, I digress.

I’ve been going to this same place for so many years because the group I go with is fantastic; if you want to go out and get trashed, go for it! If you want to stay in and play Scrabble, that’s cool too. While the houses we rent often change (and last year’s was straight-up 70’s trashiness) the people pretty  much stay the same, and I look forward to these four days every year.

There’s other things that have drawn me to this city in the past; most noticeably, I used to date a gent who lives there. Though over the past four years our relationship has changed many, many times (the fact that we’re even speaking these days is a testiment to my forgiveness and his witty charm), I love that after all the tumultuous times full o’ turmoil galore, I can look forward to a good weekend full of laughter and late night alcohol.

I also get to see Vegas, aka Bagelhead aka (most recently) Miguel, the Mexican Bulldog.

Vegas is the darling pooch of my ex’s roommate, who – before I got Lila Belle – served as my favorite of all dogs. He drools. He farts (with gusto) and his snores could wake the dead. He’s a bit rotund, a bit silly-looking with his perpetual underbite but he’s a sweet lad, and after I broke up with his ‘uncle’, I really missed getting to see his funny face.

Never thought I’d say that I look forward to a few sleepless nights, but coming from Vegas, I’d say it’s worth it.

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