Gabriel and the Vagabond

Foy Vance, I beg of you, stop making us wait!

Ok, I’ve lost most of you…let me digress.

A few weeks back, Gray’s Anatomy had an epic soundtrack – "How to Save a Life" by The Fray was followed by "Gabriel and the Vagabond" by Foy Vance, a song that I’m not a bit obsessed with. Only problem is that it’s not yet released.

I’ve found myself trolling iTunes on a daily basis to get this tune…really, it’s that stellar. In the meantime, of course, I’ve kept myself busy listening to Youth Group and Ryan Adams (in preparation for next week’s show) and Damien Rice (to prep for my SIXTH ROW AT A WINERY coup that I just pulled off) but something is missing. And it’s "Gabriel and the Vagabond."

When it’s released, I’ll let y’all know. Really, it’s THAT good.

So please, please, Foy Vance, I’m waiting patiently – but I NEED this song.

3 thoughts on “Gabriel and the Vagabond

  1. So you wanted hate mail try this on for size.
    You bitch!! You scored tickets for Damien Rice. Ugg he is not even coming to Ohio for me to see him. And in the 6th row!! Come on kick me in the head why don’t you.
    Now does that make you all warm and fuzzy.
    Not that I am so much drooling over Damien, that Lisa Hannigan is HOT.

  2. So sorry to keep you hanging on…I was pointed in this direction,so thought I should take the time to say…SORRY…Gabriel and the Vagabond should be on iTunes any day now…if you’re not already on my mailing list you should get on it and I’ll keep you posted…
    thanks for hangin’ in there

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