Photo Booths & Champagne Toasts

I went back to Atlanta for The Best Wedding Ever® a few weeks ago and besides my Huge-ass Flickr Photoset™, the pictures that have come out of TBWE bring me right back to three days of fun. When they were newly engaged, they were looking for vendors, and came across Sean Randall’s website. Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he offered a photo booth.

If you’re anything like me, that’s would be the deal breaker immediately – I mean, really, what’s better than having a place to act like a total jackass and record it on film for all posterity!! So, you can understand my glee when I heard that Jess and Andrew had decided to go with Sean.

While we haven’t yet seen the "official" wedding pics, the ones from the photo booth have come through and they’re AWESOME. I’ve refrained from posting all of my faves now (to protect the inebriated!) but I thought I’d again raise a toast to the bride and groom! You’ve inspired me not only on the power of love, but the power of snagging a spouse at Business School. Anyone want to tutor me for the GMAT?

Mazel Tov!


(Photo courtesy and copyright owned by Sean Randall Photography.)

3 thoughts on “Photo Booths & Champagne Toasts

  1. Girl, I haven’t checked your site in ForEVS, and I finally had a few free minutes after the craziness of getting back to the office this week – and look at what a great post I find! TABLE FIVE!

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