Jump, Jump!

This weekend, I’m going to Coachella.

Last night, I saw Ryan Adams at the Palace of Fine Arts (which, if you haven’t been, is the best venue EVER), 20th row.

Ryan (not to be confused with Bryan of "Summer of ’69" fame) was much more tormented and angsty than I had realized…not that I mind a tormented and angry artist, no sirree. Give me tormented and angsty any day  (or hell, cocky and assholey. I do that well too.)

Coachella is supposed to be hot, but not TOO hot…then again, it’s in the middle of the desert. MUST remember sunscreen for the scalp lest I recreate the "Scalp Pealing Fiasco of 2005." Let’s just say it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing.

So yes, despite the sprained ankle, things are looking up! The weather is gorgeous, the new site-design has been well-received and despite saying that I wasn’t looking for accolades (really, I wasn’t!) I got some of the kindest emails from you people that I’ve ever seen. Seriously, friends, thank you.

So is it any wonder I’m jumping for joy?


Photo courtesy of and copyright owned by Sean Randall Photography.

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