Coachella, Day One

It’s hot.

Not just “gee, I’m a little warm and could use some A/C.” No, this is “Sorry, guys, can’t stand in the sun one more second, I’m gonna pass out if I don’t find shade NOW hot.” I haven’t even had a beer yet and I already feel buzzed. Or lightheaded. Or something.

Besides that, though, just saw “The Like” and “The New Amsterdams”, both of which are fantastic. Heard a bit of “The Walkmen” and “Nine Black Alps”, and wasn’t too hot on “Celebration” nor “Lady Sovereign.” Just not my bag.

Just ran into 2 people I knew, strange since the place is packed.

It’s only 3:15, and music lasts until midnight. I have a feeling we’ve got a long day ahead of us.

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