While I loved Biology and all its wonderous idiosyncrasies, Chemistry was a much different matter entirely. All those inert gases and confusing rules…it just didn’t make any sense to me, and I couldn’t visualize the interactions. In a word, chemistry was a massive clusterfuck to me.

As it is in relationships.

There are people out there who I find to be visually attractive, yet I’m not particularly attracted TO them. Then there’s another whole set who might not initially catch my eye yet the chemistry is undeniable. If faced with the choice between each of these options, I’m always going to go for who’s behind Door Number Two, Mr. Chemistry.

Unfortunately, there are often circumstances that make selecting this choice impossible; he or I could be attached to someone else, distance can (and does!) play a factor, or perhaps chemistry is all there is and the other stuff, the “real stuff” that makes it not only work, but last, is missing. And yet there’s nothing quite like standing next to someone with whom you share this instant comfortability and intense chemistry, even if the “long run” is not only a long way out, but probably impossible. Sometimes, that flutter in your stomach goes a long way and, even for a minute, makes the dream seem not so impossible after all.

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