Coachella Recap


Beautiful Willo said it better than I can with her kickass rundown of the shows (who we saw, what we did!) but thought I’d add a few notes…

  • The shows were amazing…Sigar Ros, Youth Group, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!, The Go Team, and Wolf Mother were amongst the best. I took some awesome photos and even a video or two but alas, in the fun and frolic, my camera misplaced itself. (Once I have a link to the Victorious Beer Chugging Contest of 2006™ defeating not just Samir but also Jason with gusto, I will happily post it. It’s classic.)
  • I had a total blast with Willo and Glen and Ali and Jem and Samir and Jason – Saturday was rocktastically sober, while Sunday – yeah, let’s just say it wasn’t. And yet this is the first vacation where I’ve come back tan and SOMEHOW well-rested. Must have been the dry heat.
  • Had a great time getting to know Willo better and Ali (my neighbor!) and Jem – can’t wait to party with those lovely ladies again (y’all are welcome to come visit me & the menagerie for some close-quartered fun and good wine ANY time!) That said, partying w/the boys is a habit I haven’t spent enough time refining here in San Francisco. Need to get right on that…
  • Something about the heat, great live music, sitting under the sun and being with great pals made me a bit more introspective than usual, and a bit more motivated. I feel like something big is around the corner; that is, if I make it be so.

So it’s Monday night and I’ve got a full week ahead of me…I’d be looking forward to Cinco de Drinko (aka, Cinco de Mayo; aka, Friday) but alas, I think it’s time for me to get in a routine – one that doesn’t involve a ton of booze (Yes, you heard me correctly.)  So alas, I went to the gym this evening for the first time in a while (walking Lila Belle twice a day for at least 30 mins. each time is well and good, but I think I could up my aerobic activity a bit, not to mention some weight training is clearly in order) in an attempt to get myself into the daily working out habit before I head abroad again late next week. (Yes, that’s right – I’m hitting the road again, this time I’m off to Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China for 9 days – kind of daunted to go to places where I don’t speak ONE WORD of the language, but I’ll survive!) Think good thoughts that the misplaced camera will return itself to its rightful owner (if you found a camera at Coachella and see pictures of me kicking some serious beer-chugging contest ass, lemme know!) – I’ll be here trying to get back into shape, trying to convince Gorilla Fitness to let me use their punching bags, and trying to get through a full week relatively unscathed. Wish me luck.

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