Annyong ha shimnikka (aka, “Hello” in Korean)

So yes, once again Aubrey is a-travellin’. (Aside: I really should stop referring to myself in third person, but truly, it’s SO FUN. / Aside.) This time, I’m heading WAY overseas to unchartered territory (at least to me) and heading to Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China for the next week. Yes, it’s for work. Yes, I know I have the coolest job in the world.

In the midst of all of this I’m trying to get Lila Belle’s boarding all squared away, get someone to watch the feline members of the menagerie, and finish the last-minute changes on the training deck I’m presenting. I also have an ankle the size of Minnesota because yours truly neglected to go to the doctor for it and alas, it doesn’t seem to be repairing itself, and I haven’t even begun to think about packing. (What does one wear to work in Korea? Or China for that matter?) I foresee a late night in my future.

With all this travel, my parents are (understandably) confused as to where I’ll be at any given time. As such, I’ve spent some time (not at work, of course, only on my PERSONAL time) setting up my Google Calendar. I’ve futily (why does that word look weird?) attempted to create a feed directly into my blog so that I could set up once where I’m at and voila! It will automatically post on my side bar under "Where in the World is Aubrey?". Alas, (please refer back to "futily") this hasn’t worked. But, if you’re curious as to where I am on any given day, paste the following XML feed into your favorite reader and there you go:

So back to the matter at hand. In less than 24 hours I’ve got a ticket on an airplane (ain’t got time to take a fast train), heading across the Pacific to Seoul where (apparently) hot temps and a fat (phat? Who cares. Let’s go with "Badass" and be done with it) hotel awaits me. I was dreading the flight (only 11+ hours, but still – not so fun) but just found out that Singapore Airlines offers INTERNET on the plane.
Seriously? Are you kidding me? Hi, NerdAubrey’s quasi-wet dream! Not only do I have an in-seat screen and access to 30+ movies, but I can BLOG WHILE I FLY? DRUNK? FOR FREE?

Seriously, say it with me – I HAVE THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD.

Catch ya later – like, from 10,000 feet.

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