If I were to say "My ex raided my closet", I’m guessing you’d first ask why I used to date a cross-dresser.

No, I’m not talking about THAT ex – the closet-raider I’m talking about is the straight one.

Anyhoo, when he was visiting for New Years, he absconded my Google Bike Jersey, given that he’s a triathlete and all. It’s not like I have much use for it, being that my bike was stolen and I’m not exactly on the triathalon circuit. (Yet. You just wait.) Anyhoo, hadn’t thought too much of it all until today when I got the following picture from him:


While my first inclination is to make fun of him in his spandex (you should see the Speedo photos – really, it’s HOT!), in this instance, I can’t help but say: GO, Google, GO!

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