Aubrey, on Aubrey

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m borrowing a camera from my "best job in the world"provider, Google, until I can figure out if I want a snazzy little Canon (SD700, baby) or alas, finally upgrade to a Digital SLR. Or both (which is where I think I’m leaning, though it will take a few months to save up for this feat.) Anyway, the lighting was awesome today in my hotel room, and as I was snapping some photos of the room, decided to turn the camera on myself. I’ve been meaning to do a "Mirror" or "Self-Portrait" series for some time now, only I’m such a harsh critic I thought I’d end up hating them all. I’m going to attribute my lack of self-hatred on the good lighting, and go with it.

So, as promised: Aubrey, on Aubrey.

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