Wishful Thinking

While we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming (read:
more to come on Seoul, just as soon as more happens), I think it’s due
time to talk about the event that is surely circled and starred and
highlighted galore on all y’all’s calendars: my birthday. After all, a
girl only turns 29 once! (Ok, so that’s not exactly true. I will be
turning 29 many, many times in the future. This, however, is the only
‘official’ 29th anniversary of my birth, so I suppose it should be

Anyway, as usually happens every May, people start asking me what I
want for my ‘big day’, which immediately sends me into a tizzy of
wish-list creation, website trolling, and gift-seeking only to find out
what I already know: there’s not that much that I want. (Ok, there’s a
LOT that I want, but if we were being realistic, I don’t know how many
of you can produce me a menagerie-loving Michael Vartan relatively
unclothed at my front door. Then again, if you can, let’s chat. NOW.)

So I’ve taken my trusty steed (read: PowerBook) and self and hit Amazon
to see just exactly what I want. Ok, there’s a few things, but I’ve
realized I’m very similar to my Dad in that I tend to buy what I want
instead of waiting for others to do so. (Yeah, that Camera you see on
there? I assure you it will likely be self-purchased before you could
even have a chance to contemplate doing so. Then again, if you’re even
CONSIDERING dropping $500 on me, we need to chat. NOW. I need to find
out where you live so I can come over and shower you with my adoration.
Strangely enough, the behavior stays the same if you’re spending $5 on
me. I’m a very rewarding person, after all.)

Another realization I’ve come to face is that I may have to put the kibbosh on "The Month of Aubrey." (I’ll wait while you get some kleenex to wipe your tears. Waiting…) You see, when I was in Atlanta (where the Month of Aubrey originated), I was the only person in my group of friends whose birthday was in June. That, coupled with the fact that I seemed to always be travelling on my actual birthday, spawned a month’s full of festivities, aka, "The Month of Aubrey." However, as much as my liver is applauding the sunsetting of this tradition, I’m sad that it may be put to rest. Apparently, you see, there are many, many friends who share in having June birthdays (Go, Geminis, GO!) and while I do love to be the center of attention, I think it’s only fair, in true Romper Room style, to learn to share. At age 29 (for the first time), I think it’s about time.

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