The most frighteningly disturbing thing I’ve seen all day

(And to give this some context, I’m in Beijing, where just about EVERYTHING is frightening.)

So here I am, ladida, looking on Google images for something (a picture
of Chicken knuckles, actually – don’t ask) and alas, I decide to see
where I fall for the term "aubrey" in Google Images.

So I type it in and get to these results:

Check out the third picture in the top row. (No need to view full size image even, I think the thumbnail size is even pretty damned impressive.)
Then go to the same column, bottom row.
There *I* am.

Never have I been so simultaneously repulsed and honored to appear on the same page. But how great would it be if I was in the same ROW? (Don’t answer that.) Just in case, here’s my attempt to do so; without futher ado, here is a PICTURE OF AUBREY! SEE? AUBREY! AUBREY! AUBREY!


C’mon, Google Bots, do your magic. And don’t worry, you can see more Great Wall pics here!

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