Newest obsession

One of the best local radio stations here in San Francisco, KFOG, airs their weekly program “Acoustic Sunset” every Sunday evening, and I invariably discover a new favoruite artist by tuning in. While they’re not that great about telling who the artist is, my trusty BlackBerry with its Google browser allows me to query the lyrics and I can usually find out who is causing me to dodge traffic and email while driving – the songs are usually that good.

This week’s discovery is no exception, and while it took a bit more searching to find the Damien Rice-esque crooner, I was successful in my pursuit. David Ford is startlingly blunt in some of the lyrics on his 8-song album “I Sincerely Apologize for all the Trouble I’ve Caused” and I’ve been playing “I Don’t Care What You Call Me” on repeat for the last 12 hours. Unable to find my USB upload-y cord for my iPod, I’m sitting here waiting on my flight listening to it from my computer, from where I downloaded the entire album. “Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck)” is another great track – I highly, highly endorse this album and invoke you to go forth and shell out the $8 – it will be well spent.

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