What happens in Vegas…

Yep, that’s right, I’m in Vegas. It’s not only our National Sales Conference (Sin City doesn’t know what hit ’em when this throng of Googlers descended upon the city) but today is the widely-known holiday of "The Day Before My Birthday." Really, you should see these people celebrating already.

Anyway, pictures haven’t yet been posted (and I’ve amazingly kept the revelry to a quiet roar thus far) but tonight, all bets are off. There’s shuttles taking us from our serene resort here in Lake Las Vegas (hi, Ritz Carlton!) to the strip. Yes, that’s right, I think someone must have told Google about my birthday (and of course "The Day Before My Birthday") and they’re so kind to plan this whole evening of debauchery JUST for me.

Google – gotta love ’em.

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