Birthday recap

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Vroom!, originally uploaded by Aubs.

So I spent an hour last evening uploading pictures galore to write this big, long witty post on my birthday, including a recap of all the debauchery. Well, maybe not ALL of the debauchery, but all that is fit to print.

Then (thanks, Firefox!) my browser crashed and I lost the entire post. Yes, my fault for not hitting draft, but still…argh.

Anyhoo, don’t think I have the energy to tell all about the week of Aubrey (now that I’m 29, have decided that I can limit the month of Aubrey to just a week – that’s how mature I am these days) but the pictures should tell most of the story. In case they miss something, I’m still trying to find my BlackBerry, my jean jacket, and a friend or two are still on the lookout for their pride after barfing on the curb. (And yes, these were GUYS.) Oh, and just know that my friends can drink you all under the table…ALL OF YOU.

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