To note:

1. I lost my cell phone. Or it lost itself. Maybe it ran away, trying to hide from the debauchery that ensued from my Birthday revelry. I mean, you can’t blame it. BlackBerrys are smart. I should be getting a new one tonight, but if you’ve left me any text messages, I haven’t gotten them. (Thankfully, that means I haven’t gotten any passive-aggressive text messages from one who clearly HASN’T GOTTEN THE POINT THAT I AM NOT INTERESTED.) I’ll let ya know when all is remedied – hopefully soon.

2. I haven’t been doing a good job AT ALL about posting to (URL works now – wahoo!) Since I’ve been working from home this week getting over the Worst Cough Ever™, I had a bit of time to try and update it a bit. (Crazy how productive you can be when your IM is turned off and you’re not distracted by all the yummy food at the Googleplex!) Check out some fabulous new jewelry recommendations here.

That’s it. Short and sweet. Now think non-coughing thoughts for me. Us 29-year olds don’t recover nearly as well as you young’uns.

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