Oh, 678, Where Art Thou?

So, alas, my cell phone is STILL not working. I got my new Blackberry, mind you, but apparently they had to program a new SIM card and that there SIM card is currently sitting, safe and sound, in the HelpDesk in Mountain View. As for me, I’m sitting safe and sound (in the hottest apartment in the entire friekin’ city) in San Francisco. Never the two shall meet (ok, until Monday.)

What I’m TRYING to say here, however eloquently, is that I haven’t received your text message since last Saturday. (OOH! I’m playing hard to get for the first time in my life! Go me!!) I haven’t received your call, either. I used to have a message saying "I’m a dumbass, I lost my phone" and referencing a new number, but that’s gone too. So, should you NEED to get in touch with me, email me and I’ll give you my temporary number that will work ’til at least Monday.

Hard to get works, after all. I’ll expect your email.

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