The thing about San Francisco…

Everyone asks me if I like San Francisco. Actually, they don’t ask – they basically expect that I love it, saying statements like "OOH, you MUST be loving it out there", their expectations making me feel like there’s something wrong with me if I don’t agree with them. Which I do – I DO like the city, it’s just that…I don’t know, I just wouldn’t go so far as to saying that I love it. Like, yes. Love – well, this girl hasn’t ever said those words to a guy, so being that expressive about a city…well, I’m just not there yet. I’ll stick with ‘like’ for now.

As in many relationships, ‘like’ progressed from ‘lust.’ When I first came to the city, I was here temporarily; a 6-week jaunt to help out our team while we transitioned. I found it so refreshing, offering so much, a stark contrast from the routine of Atlanta. I was enamored with the social aspect – people played FLIP CUP! There were KICKBALL TEAMS! People were young, smart, and social in San Francisco, whereas in Atlanta, people were young, married and working on having children. I found myself relating more to the former than the latter; thus, a crush on the city ensued. I decided to pack up my life (and sell everything else), find an apartment, and move to San Francisco.

Then reality hit.

The luster started to fade…little by little, the experience of insane landlords, a killer commute, and spending nearly all of my savings to just LIVE in the city dulled the luminous shine that San Francisco once had. The people here, thankfully, remained as jovial, eclectic and entrepreneurial as ever (they knew about computers! They were cool geeks like me! WAHOO!) but the rest of the experience? Well, I found myself forcing a smile more than I donned an authentic one.

So the thing about San Francisco is….it’s a great place. It’s full of great people. It’s one of the best challenges of my life, and I’ll never regret moving there for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had. But I’m not yet convinced it’s for me.

One thought on “The thing about San Francisco…

  1. Is San Francisco really for ANYONE? It’s this crazy, bizarre city where you go to a festival on a Saturday afternoon and STARSHIP is playing. But it loves you and will always love you whether or not you choose to land here. Frankly, I think it’s a hard city to migrate to. If I didn’t come back here – as an adult – with an “instant” circle of friends, I think I’d be crying myself to sleep every night. But I’m happy you’re here and I think the longer you stick around, the more you’ll love it. That being said, if you don’t feel just a little bit of *love* for it on these gorgeous sunny days, it just might not be there. I have faith though. xoxox.

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