The thing about San Francisco (redoux)

You see, despite what I said earlier (which all holds true) about this city, it definitely has some amazing people, these same amazing people that I can call near the end of my worst day here (the same day that the worker in the place where I park my car stole a $1500 camera and cell phone from work) and instantly let me kill my diet and drink lots of wine and margaritas and (most recently) shots. ON A TUESDAY.

Despite the run-on sentence there, perhaps I was too quick to judge. Thanks to Daisy and Kevin and crew, things seem to be looking up.

2 thoughts on “The thing about San Francisco (redoux)

  1. That stinks!! So sorry to hear that. Thanks for visiting our blog and being the ONLY commenter…’ppreciate ya! We are having good times…We’ll have to catch up stateside 🙂

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