Lately, lax

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Keepin’ my head on straight, originally uploaded by Aubs.

As of late, some many a lot of you have asked why I haven’t been blogging lately. Y’all (and how I love y’all) are apparently worried that I’m taking some time off, that I’m not feeling inspired, or just want me to post more. Seriously, that claim of pure, unabashed love above? 100% the truth. How could I not with sweet, sweet sentiments like that?

It’s just that I’ve been busy – yes, you read that right – BUSY doing fun things in San Francisco that include, but are not limited to, day drinking/makeup applying/shopping with galpals who are as sassy as they look in the fabulous accompanying photos, meeting fun new people who enjoy roof deck-sitting with me (AND the puppy!), a bit o’ travel around the Bay to withstand freezing temps at Half Moon Bay and even some fireworks watching with friends. I even found not one, but TWO new wine shops, both of which carry an awesome selection of Australian wines because, well, we KNOW how much I love anyonething Australian.  Quite a week, and I have a feeling much more is to come.

Just as soon as I get down from my "kick-ass, this is really what it should have been like all along here in SF, you know" high, I’ll get back to posting. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Lately, lax

  1. Probably I don’t have enough data to make such a statement (i.e. haven’t looked at a high enough percentage of your photos), but that’s like one of the best pictures of you ever.
    I think it’s the smile that does it. Seemingly more naturally occuring than some of your others. Not that there was anything wrong with those. Oh, nevermind. You get the idea. Cool pic. A little more of that would be fine by me. Or a lot. Either one, you pick.

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