– Mecca for Adolescence 2.0

Whereas Jason posits that the thirties are like the teenage years rehashed, I suggest a clarification.

Your thirties are like High School.

Your late twenties, however, are more liken to your days in Middle School.

IM has replaced note-passing, insecurity (guised with cockiness) is at an all-time high, and our emotions are a-flutter. We’re smack-dab in those years before we hit our third-life crisis, and, in preparation, we drink too much. We make stupid decisions. We’re pushing our boundaries because, for us single late-twenty-doms, we can. We’re finally making enough money to enjoy ourselves a little (no longer house-poor with Lean Cuisines, the mid-20’s equivalent of Ramen and Easy Mac), and we’re having a HELL of a time of it.

We have crushes. No, not one, nor two; more like ten. They could be younger (and usually are), could even be older, could be our co-workers or our friends (add "with benefits" for an easy transition) or friends of our friends…it doesn’t matter. We find ourselves giddy with the excitement of a new interest (or, as is often the case, interests squared), something seemingly foreign after years of long-term relationships that left us wondering if "IT" was ever going to happen…now, "IT" seems far, far away in the distance and for the first time in a long time, who cares! We’re having fun!

I laugh as I write this, laugh about the freedom that comes when you realize that life is too short. Jason mentions this in his post as well, that you want to "soak up every ounce of life that you’ve been given", and I agree. Oh, how I agree.

Sadly, was already taken; a shame, since I think there’s one hell of a market for it, if only to try and keep track of all our crushes.

Sigh. Adolescence 2.0 is hard.

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