A kinder, gentler Aubrey

I’ve been using the word "snarky" a lot lately, especially to describe certain emails that I was sending and receiving. "Snarktastic" has also been used, but mainly, snarky. You know what I mean – thinly-veiled tension-filled "conversations" wherein a smiley face is used to make the prior inappropriate statement seem lighthearted. I shouldn’t be surprised by this since my world exists in a perpetual state of passive-aggressiveness, and this is that incarnate.

I really wish that people just came out and said what they wanted to. A world where a spade was called a a spade would be so much easier than calling a spade a small hand trowel used to dig holes (and then calling it a jackass behind its back.) I’d love to be a kinder, gentler Aubrey but today, I’m just snarky.

One thought on “A kinder, gentler Aubrey

  1. My spade is called a fuckin’ spade, thank you very much, and, if you are lucky, I may even tell you where I’m gonna put it… 😉
    So what you’re saying is that snarkiness is for the cool kids what passive-agressing was for our parents?

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