Common Misconception

I once had a friend who posted some nasty things about me on her website. Why she was possessed to do this is beyond me – in fact, she interpreted a genuinely sincere action on my part as a way to somehow put attention back on me. When I confronted her with it (after asking everyone I knew if there was ANY way I could be over-reacting about it; the answer was a solid ‘no’), she became increasingly defensive, reminded me that not EVERYTHING she wrote was about me (because, of course, being the center of the Universe and all, I would assume otherwise) and that she had written it a long time ago and just had scheduled a future posting.

She was lying through her teeth (for too many coincidental reasons otherwise) but the concept itself wasn’t necessarily a farce; I do it myself, writing things as they happen and then posting it much later.

Yes, people, again you’re learning that you’re getting the Aubrey-approved version of  myself, the me that I’m letting you see and know and assume is at least chronological. In that assumption, you’re wrong.

I know a lot of writers, I talk to a lot of them, and what I’ve gathered is that we all do this differently; some jot down notes and then bring them all to the ‘table’ when it’s their designated time to write; others, like myself, have to stop and write when the inspiration hits. It’s usually when I have a few precious, fleeting seconds to myself where I’m not over-analyzing something, commonly occurring when I’m driving to work or drying my hair or right before I fall asleep. When it’s a simple post – more of an ‘in the moment’ entry about lunch or Promsumating or something light – it usually IS chronological. Meaning, you’re getting it when I wrote it. But there are certain other things, certain topics that are still too close to my heart that I write about in the midst of the pain or confusion or contemplation but choose to schedule to post much later when I (hopefully) am at a different place and can be a little less attached to everything. It’s this latter group of posts that drive people to unnecessary assumptions.

As I’ve said many, many times before, maintaing a ‘persona’ on the internet is potentially met with complications. People think they know you from reading what you wrote; others that DO know you take what you write to heart. Those who are in my day-to-day circle (not to mention those who are kind enough to spend the day IMing me about inane topics ad nauseum) can even get confused; one day, I’m happy as can be, and the next day this long, introspective post appears. Bipolar Aubrey? No, it’s just likely I wrote it a few weeks or months back when I was in the midst of something. I don’t label these as such, but – as I’ve said about flickr and life and my posts – don’t assume.

Just remember: when you’re consuming, be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

One thought on “Common Misconception

  1. Hi Aubrey-
    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now! It’s pretty juicy 😉 haha.
    Anyway – you hit it right on the head….you can’t assume anything about anyone based on their blog! A longtime childhood friend has recently been leaving comments on my blog about “my drinking problem” and how she is scared I’m an alcoholic. She lives in VA and we never talk – she just gathers all her info about me from my blog….
    I do drink in real life- sure, often heavily-but it’s also my schtick…
    Sorry I haven’t commented until now 😉

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