DayDrinking™ – Not for the Timid

Daisy and I have recently taken on a new sport: DayDrinking™. A very competitive sport, the outfit requirements alone are STRINGENT. One must dress very strategically for a successful DayDrinking™ event to avoid being given a purple card for inappropriate attire-ment.

While tailgating isn’t often found at these events, post-game action often includes DrunkShopping™ and DrunkPedicuring™, similar yet equally rigorous sports. After all the action subsides, however, we often find ourselves wanting the match to continue, so at times, we have a Victory BBQ. Figuring out HOW to get to the Victory BBQ can be tricky, though, especially when one finds speaking difficult. Without further ado, I present to you the Official Cheer of DayDrinking™: LaughGasms™.

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