Out & About (and about, and about, and about.)


Thirty-six days. I have gone out THIRTY-SIX DAYS IN A ROW. Some involved a movie or just drinks on my friend’s rooftop deck, others involved full-fledged DebauchAubrey, and others are just too insane to discuss. But every single one of them, all thirty-six in a row, involved fun fantasticness (and a brew or twelve.)

Our lil’ group of friends uses Dodgeball, this software where you can send out a text message "checking in" wherever you are at in the city that then sends alerts to your self-designated group to let them know where you are. Basically, it removes every last drop of anonymity in this world, and yet we still use it incessently even though we’re all still out with each other and KNOW that we’re all there. Dorks, we are.

At the end of the month, it sends you a digest of where you’ve been, which today brought me amusement to see just how much DebauchAubrey really occurred in the past 30 days. Um, so much. Upon reading it, I was thinking "First TNDC! Valleyschwag Party! Promsumating!" The list goes on, and on, and on. They even send you a handy map so you can see just WHERE this DebauchAubrey was occurring. Apparently, well-divided between my ‘hood and the Mission. Sounds about right, considering.

I can’t wait to see August.

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