Ok, already

Apparently, I don’t do incognito well. I mean, I *SUPPOSE* I do it well enough, gauging from the emails that I’m getting, but whatevs. I’m here. Didn’t mean to disappear, it’s just….too much fun. Anyway. Not intentional. Just busy. I’ll write when I’m back.

Am in Cabo, where my phone doesn’t work. Nor my internet. Somehow, my BlackBerry does (which I’m typing this from) but that’s only due to me having a situation with Lila’s puppy care and somehow, it giving me ALL Y’ALL’s Dodgeball messages at an ungodly hour when my phone decided to turn itself on this am. Suffice it to say that nobody in this room was pleased with a 4am wakeup call.

Let’s get me back to the important things, and rest assured, a rundown of the already-insanity will be publicly documented at some point.

Well, most of it.

In the meantime, sit tight and know that thwe best is yet to come. (Especially the pictures.)

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